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Description of the Neumann LiA assay

Personalised chemotherapy recommendation in NSCLC from fresh tumour tissue via chemosensitivity and resistance testing  

The diagnostic testing service is available globally using the DHL Medical Express 24h courier.  

With the new technology it is possible to build three-dimensional tissue models swiftly (3-5 days) which, in terms of their physiological parameters, faithfully reflect the in vivo environment, retaining the individual characteristics of the patient, accordingly, the technology is suitable for determining the optimal composition of therapeutic agents with high precision.  

The assay requires a sample taken from the patient's tumour by surgical intervention, biopsy, or from the accumulated pleural fluid by chest puncture. 

Based on the tissue sample, we construct 3D tissue models in the laboratory, which carry the unique characteristics of the patient's tumour. We test cytotoxic chemotherapy combinations, and then draw conclusions about the efficacy of each therapy based on the viability of the tumour cells, the results of which are reported to the oncologist and subsequently to the patient. 

We validated our technology in the clinical study called "Examination of tissue samples from lung cancer patients in 3D artificial lung tissue". The results of the study involving 147 patients with RECIST data showed that the method correctly predicts the effectiveness of the drugs in 91% of cases. It is important to note that, depending on the patient's condition or the tumour's resistance to chemotherapy, it can occur that none of the available therapies can significantly improve the patient's condition.

The procedure is IVD CE marked and carried out in a state-of-the-art cell culture and cytotoxic treatment laboratory. 

About shipping the sample to us with DHL Medical Express

The assay requires fresh tumour cells. The shipment has to reach the laboratory ideally within 24 hours, stored at +4°C. 

The medium used is Miltenyi MACS® Tissue Storage Solution. Link

DHL Medical Express is specially developed for transporting time- and temperature-sensitive shipments for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.




WO2017174609 – Diagnostic Methods For Patient Specific Therapeutic Decision Making In Cancer Care

The present invention relates to a 3-Dimensional (3D) tissue culture aggregate of cells derived from a neoplastic tissue sample, wherein ≤ 30% of total number cells are cells capable of interfering with reaggregation. It also relates to a method of making such a 3D aggregate and a method for assessing the effectiveness of an anti-neoplasm treatment by measuring the effect of said treatment on the viability of a three dimensional (3D) neoplasm tissue culture aggregate.

WO2010128464 – Lung Tissue Model

The present invention provides for an engineered tissue scaffold free three dimensional pulmonary model tissue culture which is free of any artificial scaffold. Three dimensional models of healthy lung tissue as well as disease tissues are available. The product according to the invention can be marketed e.g. in the form of tissue cultures, plates or arrays comprising such cultures or kits. The invention is applicable in medical and scientific research, for testing compounds for their effect on lung tissue, for screening, testing and/or evaluating drugs, and in certain cases in diagnostics of lung diseases.

Scientific publications

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Ethical, professional approvals and operating licenses

Ethical approval for the clinical trial entitled "Examination of tissue samples from lung cancer patients in 3D artificial lung tissue". Available upon request. 

Adoption of the final report of the clinical trial entitled "Examination of tissue samples from lung cancer patients in 3D artificial lung tissue". Available upon request. 

Neumann laboratory service provider ID: 516117

Organisational unit 9-digit code: 001083202

Liability insurance policy number: 95665003593887400

About Neumann Labs

Neumann Labs offers modern, consumer-friendly diagnostic services, including routine examinations and speciality tests. Our goal is to make laboratory diagnostic procedures widely available to patients, cost-effectively but guaranteeing the highest quality.

Our own development is the novel Neumann LiA chemosensitivity test and a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test method, which has been used by gynaecologists for over 20 years.

Our company's assay development scientists produced their first HPV test in 1998. Today our most modern HPV test is complemented by a methylation biomarker test with outstanding sensitivity and specificity. It was validated clinically in a study with the participation of 6,000 female patients.

During the coronavirus epidemic, we carried out approximately 500,00 SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests and diagnosed for the first time in the world an omicron-flu "flurona" double infection.

In 2022, we added clinical chemistry laboratory tests to our company's offer, and we are constantly expanding our available test packages based on emerging needs.

Our company achieved over 10 million euros in sales in 2021.

Our new service is the Neumann LiA test, which is a unique personalised chemotherapy recommendation solution. At the moment, it is recommended to be used for non-small cell lung cancer.

Our company's subsidiary Clinichem Inc. was founded in 2010. The main activity of the company is the development, production and sale of clinical diagnostic procedures and devices, primarily for hospitals and laboratories. The manufactured products have specifications corresponding to "in vitro" diagnostic certification “IVD CE” in accordance with EU regulations. The company operates according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, which guarantee the quality of the products.

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